#WordPressWednesday: WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Good morning y’all and Happy ! Someone asked me what’s the difference between and  so that’s what we are going to go over today!


Let’s start with and the pros:

– You can host your blog/site there

– It’s free to create

– You can add customizations if you pay

– no worries about maintenance/upkeep



– Very limited customization options unless you pay

]- You are not allowed to upload any custom themes or plugins

– You cannot build any eCommerce or Membership sites

– You cannot sell ads


Here are the pros for :

– Install it on any hosting site you choose

– Free to download and configure

– Can use any customized theme or plugin

– Can make amazing membership or eCommerce sites

– Can add you own ads, analytics, etc.


The cons of :

– You have to set up and maintain the site yourself

– You have to keep up with maintenance/updates on the platform, themes and plugins

– You have to work out most of the bugs/issues on your own

So which to choose? That choice is completely up to you. It depends on what your end goal is. But for the purpose of sharing knowledge and resources, whenever I mention WordPress, I’m referring to .

I hope you enjoyed this and that this was helpful for you! Next week I’m going to share some popular sites that use WordPress. Some may even surprise you! See ya next week!

Let’s end with a poll: Which would you choose? .com or .org?

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