#WordPressWednesday: WordPress Admin Dashboard

Good Morning everyone and welcome to ! Today we are going on the WP Admin dashboard and how to navigate it!

So the Admin dashboard is the first thing you see when logging into WordPress. Even though there are a lot of options there, you only need to go to a couple of places. Here are the most common places you need:

Dashboard: It has a lot of shortcuts, will tell you any updates that are needed and give you news about any thing that may be going on

Posts and Pages: Like I mentioned last week, both of these items serve to help you create and edit your site

Appearance: This is where you can go to install/activate themes and if are really advanced, you can customize them as well

Plugins: This is where to go to install/activate and update plugins for your site. You can also deactivate them here if the plugins are causing errors.

Settings: This has some of the basic configuration settings for your site. You can the name of the site, the url (be careful if you do this) the permalink structure (again be careful) and what page you want to be displayed as default


And those are all the options you need to run your site! Once you get those menu items down, running you WordPress Site will be a breeze!

And that is it for ! By the way, I launched my new site over the weekend! If you guys ever need my services you can go here:  See you next week!

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