#WordPressWednesday: Popular companies/people that use WordPress

Rise and shine y’all! It’s time for and today we are going to list some popular companies/people that use WordPress! Let’s go!

1) MTV News

2) Walt Disney (Company Site)

3) Tech Crunch

4) IBM

5) Sony Music

6) Fortune

7) Time

8) Facebook (Newsroom)

9) New York Post

10) Microsoft

11) BBC America

12) Vogue

13) Verizon

14) Etsy

15) Yelp

16) TED (Blog)

17) Home Depot

18) Reuters

19) UPS

20) Zillow

And most importantly: Beyonce. Yes, even her site uses WordPress.

There were quite a few more sites that I haven’t listed. But hopefully, this gives you an idea of how popular WordPress is as a platform. Last I heard, about 30% of the web was running on WordPress however that number may have changed.

And that’s all for today for ! I haven’t picked a topic for next week yet so if there is anything you want to go over, feel free to leave your suggestions below. See you next week

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