#WordPressWednesday: Plugins – The Good, The Bad and The Buggy

I may feel off today but that doesn’t mean can’t happen!

The Good: WordPress has millions of decent plugins that if used right can add some really cool and helpful features to make your site not only look good but function as well

The Bad: Too many plugins can cause slowness and poor functionality if they are not fully compatible with themes/other plugins

The Buggy: A plugin that is not all at compatible can break your site completely – in fact, a bad plugin is usually one of the top reasons that users sites end up going down.

But never fear! I’m going to share some tips to help ensure you don’t run into any issues with bad or buggy plugins.

1) Check for WordPress updates. If you turn on auto-updates be careful – some plugins may break since they have not caught up to the new update. It’s best to check the plugins first to make sure they are compatible with the new version before updating.

2) Check to make sure you are using the correct PHP version for WordPress (7.2 or higher). This will not only ensure your WordPress site won’t break, but it will also help your site load faster. If you are not sure what version you have, reach out to your hosting provider.

3) Make sure the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress. If you are adding them from the WordPress directory, it will usually have a green checkmark ensuring you that it is compatible and up to date.

4) And lastly, if your site does go down, it is usually a recent plugin that is the culprit. You can check by deactivating the plugin. If you can’t get back into the admin page, then FTP to the plugin folder and rename that plugin folder. This will make the plugin inactive.

And that is all for ! I most likely won’t be doing one next week as I’m preparing for but I will let you know for certain by next week! Later y’all!

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