#WordPressWednesday: Let’s talk themes

WordPress has thousands of themes – both free and premium (paid) themes. How do you choose which one is right for you?

First let look at the pros and cons of free and premium themes. Free themes are listed in the Themes site and have to go through a strict approval process to get listed there. This is great for you because you’re getting a theme that will work.

The downside to free themes is lack of features and support. Since these themes are free, devs don’t have to provide support nor do they have to fill their themes up with add-ons. A lot of the additions will be up to you which may mean extra work.

Premium themes can be purchased at various theme stores (my fav is ) and usually they come with a lot of features added and look really high quality (free themes are more generic looking). They also come with support from the devs in case you run into any bugs.

The downside to premium themes is that you may end up with a theme that is overrun with plugins or bad code which can affect the speed of your site. Or worse, you end up with so many bugs the theme is virtually unusable. So what to look for when picking a theme?

First, choose if you want to go free or paid. Do you want to add on your own features or get a lot of the features upfront? Do you want to work out bugs on your own or have some direct support behind you in case you get stuck?

Free themes: make sure you’re getting free themes from directly. Anywhere else would be highly suspicious. Read the reviews on the themes and make sure they have most of the features you are looking for.

Premium themes: make sure you’re buying from a reputable website. Read the reviews. If you aren’t sure of something, ask questions to the support team. Most sites require them to answer within 24 hours so see how fast they respond. Ask to see a demo of the theme and plugin list.

And that’s all for ! Next week I’ll go over do’s and don’t of plugins so stay tuned!

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